Importance Of Education – How Literacy Changes Lives

Here at Communities In Schools Jacksonville, we are committed to helping students with fewer opportunities to achieve their goals and have more success moving forward. Through our literacy programs for kids, Duval Reads, we work closely with our students to help them improve this crucial skill. Our team has helped more than eight thousand students to achieve their goals since we launched the program in 1999 and we continue to make a positive impact on students’ lives in our community.

Through a combination of group tutoring services, sessions, and intensive one-on-one time, our AmeriCorps tutors work hard to be there for those students who need us the most. We strive to improve the literacy level of every student by at least ten percent each school year through engaging and interactive learning techniques. Improving students’ literacy abilities helped to set them up for success moving forward, ensuring more doors open and that more opportunities are available for our students to follow their dreams in the future.

Let's take a closer look at just a few ways that improved literacy can change the lives of students in our community.

Literacy Enriches And Inspires

Students who lack basic reading and writing skills can often find themselves at a major disadvantage. Not only does lacking these skills make day-to-day life more difficult but it can also make finding fulfilling employment opportunities more difficult in the future. Improved literacy can greatly enrich the life of any individual, create more opportunities, and build self-confidence. With improved literacy skills not only will the student’s lives be greatly enriched but their newfound confidence can also inspire others.

Improves Community Development

When students show up with a positive attitude and want to work on developing their literacy skills, this can often have a ripple-like effect on the community at large. When other young people see the strides that our students make with their literacy skills, it can positively impact those around them; both young and old. The expectations and aspirations of those in the community will grow over time as generations of students take their literacy skills to the next level. In turn, this helps the wider community and the local economy to thrive like never before.

Empowering Young People

The importance of a solid education should never be overlooked. Breaking the poor literacy skills can often seem challenging, however, with the right approach things can change significantly moving forward. With the help of our Duval Reads literacy initiative, students can gain an improved sense of confidence, and self-esteem and feel empowered to take control of their lives. Students with improved literacy skills will have more opportunities to better their lives moving forward, allowing them to develop creative and critical thinking skills, as well as fostering that all-important sense of personal autonomy.

Improved Literacy Skills Change Lives For The Better

Developing students’ literacy skills is key to creating more opportunities in the future and exposing students to a world of exciting possibilities down the line. To find out more about our Duval Reads literacy initiative and the work that we do in the local Jacksonville community, be sure to get in touch with our team at Communities In Schools Jacksonville today.

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